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Day 3 - From USA, via Wrocław and onto the European Screens

US guerilla filmmaking is a phenomenon that fascinates European filmmakers and audiences. In a country that does not provide state funding for film, a grassroot movement of indie filmmakers, from time to time, manages to produce rough diamonds able to compete in big festivals with the slick European and Asian art-house films. The success stories of TARNATION, OLD JOY, PUTTY HILL and others really show that if the small US films are given a voice they can really make an impression on both critics and audiences outside USA. That's why it's key to allow the US indies to be seen by key buyers and programmers in Europe.

AFF's Gotham in Progress is the first industry event devoted solely to US indie films in Europe. GIP provides a European industry showcase for US indies in final production stages. Out of the 11 projects, selected from 39 applications, 7 are be presented in full at closed industry screenings. Furthermore, four other projects are promoted and presented as 30 minute-long trailers.

The films benefit from a special gathering of 30 European distributors, sales agents, producers and fest programmers to consider investing finishing funds as well as their customary services. Some of the buyers attending the event are: HanWay. Wild Bunch, Memento, LevelK, Artificial Eye, the Works, Soda Pictures, Imagine Film, Bankside Films and Reel Suspects. Programmers from a few key festivals are also expected at GiP.a

A jury of industry professionals will chose one film of the 7 to be awarded a post-production package consisting of a digital master (DCP) and subtitling and post services, provided by AFF sponsors, XDC and Studio L'Equipe, respectively. In addition, sound and graphics for opening and closing credits donated by Mactari France and Poland's Alvernia Studios. Total post services value is $60,000.

Gotham in Progress is an initiative of New York and Paris-based Black Rabbit Films and New Horizons Association. The latter produces Poland's largest annual international film fest, New Horizons IFF as well as its little sister event, the American Film Festival.

Selected projects:

  • NOW, FORAGER, dir. Jason Cortlund & Julia Halperin, prod. Jason Cortlund (Now Forager)
  • NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING, dir. Devyn Waitt, prod. Nicole Emanuele (White Horse Pictures LLC)
  • GRAND STREET, dir. Lex Sidon, prod. Chris Marsch & Darren Goldberg (Atlantic Pictures)
  • STONES IN THE SUN, dir. Patricia Benoit, prod. Karin Chien (Lotbo Films)
  • TAN LINES, dir. Tim Kirkman, prod. Gill Holland (Tan Lines LLC / The Group Entertainment)
  • WHEN THE WORLD's ON FIRE, dir. James Clauer, prod. John Maringouin (Nomadic Independence)
  • SUN DON'T SHINE, dir. Amy Seimetz, prod. Kim Sherman (Sun Don't Shine LLC).
  • I'M NOT ME, dir. Zak Mulligan, Rodrigo Lopresti, prod. Hans Eric Hollstien
  • PERCIVAL'S BIG NIGHT by William Sullivan - produced by Caitlyn Coady (New Percy Productions)
  • BIRDS OF A FEATHER by Anthony Meidl - produced by Anthony Meidl (Meta Films / Intrepid Entertainment)
  • NANCY, PLEASE by Andrew Semans - produced by Vinay Singh


Jan Naszewski,
Head of Industry and International Relations, 2. AFF


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